Thursday, September 11, 2008


This is a boring post as I know nothing about what I'm talking about.

It seems like just yesterday we were sweltering and debating about leaving the air-conditioning on or not. I was carrying around a wet wash cloth to wipe down my sticky face, I was wearing loose dresses that made me look fatter than I am but kept me cool. Last night I pulled out the winter blanket and this morning I'm closing up windows and Tetsu and I are talking about being cold. The day will warm up but the weather has quickly changed to fall temperatures and even the air smells different. Japan's weather is very changeable.

On Japan's political front too the atmosphere is very changeable. Does anyone else but Japanese even know that Japan's Prime Minister resigned suddenly last week? It seemed to come to a surprise to everyone, even his cabinet whom he'd just chosen and shuffled around the month before. Mr. Fukuda (have you ever heard of him?) wasn't even in his office for a year I think and he only became Prime Minister after his predecessor resigned also after less than a year in office. (Abe-san. Ever heard of him? Ah well, I don't blame you. Japan's Prime Ministers never stay in office very long.)

No real reason that I can discern for resigning. The workload was hard, there wasn't much support, the Diet argued tooth and nail soooo Mr. Fukuda thought Japan would benefit from someone else being their Prime Minister. Maybe. I suppose it takes some courage to quit and some wisdom to know when you are fighting a losing battle. My foreign opinion is that Japanese politicians are giving a message that if things don't go the way you like then you just quit but as I say, I don't know very much.

And another situation that I don't understand is that since last week Japan is minus a head of State. No Prime Minister and no Vice Prime Minister either. I asked Tetsu about this.

"Who is serving as Head of State while Japan tries to choose a new Prime Minister?"

Unlike America, there is no Vice Prime Minister nor any clear (to citizens) line of command. Each time a Prime Minister resigns Japan goes into an election period and suddenly candidates are coming out of the (cabinet) walls hoping to be elected to the position.

"Um.. Well, the cabinet consists of 14 members. They're running the country in the meantime."

"But look, right now 7 of the cabinet are vying for the position of being the next Prime Minister. They hardly look like they are running the country while they go around giving speeches and campaigning. What happens to the country if some huge disaster should strike?" (Today is September 11).

No real answer for that and Tetsu just thought that Japan doesn't have a high awareness of danger so they aren't particularly worried. This strikes me as strange too since Japan is a leader in world economics.

I hope everything gets straightened out.


The Calico Cat said...

"But look, right now 7 of the cabinet are vying for the position of being the next Prime Minister. They hardly look like they are running the country while they go around giving speeches and campaigning.

Not unlike those 2 senators running for president right now... I doubt that they are doing much work in the Senate - for quite sometime now - we let them campaign for TOOOOOO long.

Elaine Adair said...

Nope - we haven't heard a word about that! Our news is too busy yaking about which political candidate said what to who and wasting our time with such drivel, conversation interruptions, and pointless yammering!

scottishlass said...

It is strange that this polititcal situation has come about so shortly after Fuji's CHANGE earlier this year. Watching CHANGE gave me a little bit of insight into the machinations of Japan's political stage but it is true, it feels weird not to have a head of state fronting the country. I think here in Germany all hell would break loose if Merkel and her vice chancellor would quit.

artfilstitch said...

I read earlier in the week that Japan's leader Fukuda had resigned but not a reason was given. My definition of politics is...a crook working against a crook for a crooked government. :>) We need to pray more and trust that God indeed has the universe under His control. I purposedly don't watch TV very much because I believe that all of the negativity is bad for the mind. It is so refreshing to be in quietness and meditate on good things. Hope your country soon gets a good leader.